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G.F. Longhi spa ( www.gflonghi.it ) and F.lli Zaffaroni srl ( www.zaffaroni.org ) , two leaders firms in the respective sectors of affiliation in the Italian market, become a unique reality able to answer to the increasing necessities of international customers. This is the formula of SENERGIC Sarl which, as builder of both Electric and Technological Industrial Systems, it has the ability to guarantee the technical support from the project to the installation phase and, where necessary, post-sale service.

Lighting System

The objective of SENERGIC Sarl is to examine and develop lighting solutions with elevated efficiency, in the respect of the environment, through fittings with low energetic impact. SENERGIC Sarl, in fact, furnishes a complete service for the development and the study of lighting solutions both traditional and, especially, LED solutions. Its use, more and more frequent in the domestic, private and public illumination, it goes in fact in the direction of substituting the traditional bright sources like incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and discharge lamps. LED lamps, in fact, allow efficiencies up to ten times superior in comparison to the normal bright sources and, in some cases, the RELAMPING can reach to offer an energetic saving of up to 80%.

Here below the list of the main activities:

  • - Street and Urban lighting systems ( Roads, Squares, Bridges & Flyovers, Pedestrian areas, Airports etc.)
  • - Interior lighting ( Offices, Hospitals, Commercial sites, Hotel & Restaurants, etc. )
  • - Exterior lighting and Green Areas ( Achitectural design, Parks, Worship places, Historic buildings, Parkings, etc. )
  • - Marine lighting applications ( Harbours, Boats, etc. )
  • - Residential lighting ( Private housing, Gardens, etc.)

HV-MV-LV Electric Systems and maintenance

The SENERGIC Sarl realizes fittings for the transmission and distribution of the Electric energy for systems in High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV).

From the feasibility study, to the planning, to the assembling and installation, we have the ability to satisfy our clients with the best solutions in terms of technological innovation, space and costs.

The SENERGIC Sarl plans, it develops the engineering of base and detail, it realizes, it performs the testings, the verifications and the installation of the plant and it finally manages, when required, the maintenance.

Here below the list of the main activities:

  • - Assembling and starting of HV, MV and LV electric systems.
  • - Assembling and starting of automation systems
  • - Assembling, wiring and starting of switchboards for command and control of electric Energy distribution
  • - Explosion-proof and intrinsic safety systems (Ex-i) .
  • - Automation of industrial processes
  • - Remote control and management systems
  • - Earth grounding and protection systems
  • - Maintenance of electric and instrumental systems
  • - Calibration of relay unit
  • - Thermographies on devices for Energy distribution
  • - Global Service
  • - Maintenance contracts

Renewable Energies



SENERGIC Sarl designs and implements renewable energy systems on a small, medium and large scale. It guides the customers in choosing the best system solutions that perfectly fit their specific needs. It guarantees an high quality service and high technology products, always working in synergy with reliable partners.


Here below the list of the main activities:

  • - Feasibility studies and business plans
  • - Stand alone and greed connected photovoltaic systems
  • - Building integrated photovoltaic systems
  • - Design, installation and monitoring of energy generation systems, power supply and photovoltaic lighting systems .
  • - Reversible heat pump systems
  • - Design, implementation and monitoring of cogeneration and trigeneration systems (methane, vegetable oil and biogas)
  • - Design, implementation and monitoring of onshore eolic systems
  • - Design, implementation and monitoring of hydroelectric systems
  • - Production of reinforced concrete power station completely equipped for photovoltaic systems

Thermal and Conditioning Systems

SENERGIC Sarl is specialized in the field of civil and industrial mechanical works. From the conceiving to the designing, up to the fulfilment of a “turn-key” plant. That is achieved by means of its own personnel, operating with a maximun flexibility and granting rapid and high standard services to the client. The several experiences have contributed to the development of an exhaustive know-how and consequent references as regard to the execution of electrical and mechanical plants, such as air conditioning, heating, fire extinguishing, sanitary and discharge plants. As regard to electric, heating and air conditioning systems the Company has particularly carried out a lot of installations in the field of great distribution and restaurant centers. SENERGIC Sarl carries out the project and the full realization of air-conditioning, air treatment, hydro-sanitary and firefighting systems, always applying the best available technologies.

Here below a list of the principal activities:

  • - Four-pipe hydronic systems, with radiant ceiling
  • - Condensing and modulating boilers
  • - Air flows control systems of in-take and exhaust air
  • - heat recovery systems from refrigeration circuit condense
  • - Free-cooling electronic systems
  • - Geothermal energy systems
  • - Inverters
  • - Sprinkler systems

Special Systems

In its sector of expertise, SENERGIC Sarl already has the experience in designing and installing integrated technologies at the service of buildings and processes. In recent year, special systems have become undisputed protagonists in any new construction, being they oriented to an improvement in terms of Safety, Comfort, Alarms and Wellness and with the objective of controlling the entire technologies system. Thanks to the great competence of the staff and the experience in its sectors, SENERGIC Sarl truly become a “System Integrator “.

Here listed the main activities:

  • - Electric and Technologic Supervision Systems
  • - Automation and instrumental control systems
  • - Fire detection and Fire alarm systems
  • - Speaker system for sonorous information diffusion
  • - Video Control and Closed-circuit TV systems
  • - Entrance control systems
  • - Anti-intrusion systems
  • - Domotic systems for the management of both civil and industrial buildings
  • - Data communication networks
  • - Telephone systems
  • - Internal calling systems
  • - TV systems









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